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We have re-enable business tokens (old was known as Business Shares).In this Plan you need to buy business tokens and each business token price is 50$. In this Plan you will receive profit 0.07% to 0.25% on daily basis for life time until you withdraw your principle amount. In this plan we are also offering team commission till 7 levels, 

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1- What is business tokens?

Ans: Business tokens is smart way to earn money from your investment without any risk.

2- What is price of one business token?

Ans: Each business token price is .

3- Is there any limit of business tokens?

Ans: Yes, Every membership has limits for purchases of Business Tokens.

4- How much profit we will gain on business tokens?

Ans: You will recieve 0.07%-0.25% daily profit on your investment.

5- Is my Principle amount is refundable?

Ans: Yes your principle amount is refundable but after first 90 days.

6- What happens if i withdraw my principle amount.

Ans: You will recieve profit on your investment , If you with draw your principle amount than profit will stop.

7- How many days it requires to refund my funds from business tokens?

Ans: Your principle amount is refunded within 15 working days after request.

8- How i request to withdraw my principle amount?

Ans: You can contact us by email "support@earnandearn.com" or by form https://www.earnandearn.com/contact_us .